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TheMeanGirls - Platinum's Boyfriend Behavioral Correction Service

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Description: Tina's ex-boyfriend wants to get back into her life, but he was a total "dawwg" and the only thing she really misses about him was his MONEY. (Tina says that he cheated on her a bunch of times and was really mean to her!) Besides, she is seeing someone else now. She explains that her new boyfriend is great in bed and everything, but the only problem with him is that he's kinda broke. She comes to Platinum for a solution. Platinum has a mysterious ability to "retrain" male brains. She has a plan to help Tina out... A phonecall is placed to this jerk of an ex. Platinum teases him with the possibility of a facetime call! He thinks he will be seeing her "boobs"- meanwhile the only boob involved here will be HIM! Because little does he know about Platinum's psychic powers of mind control. Soon he is staring at Platinum's purple mind-controlling crystal over the video call. It sways back & forth...and a "trigger word" is placed into his tiny male brain. He tries to fight it, but its futile to resist. The macho asshole is then summoned to Platinum's office at Mean Girls headquarters to put her control to the test in person, and make sure it works completely before she turns the "retrained" macho asshole over to Tina. And of course, Platinum's training works like a charm. He is now ready to be taken to Tina's house and literally GIVEN to her as her new HUMAN PET! Tina cannot believe this. This "daawg" of an ex-boyfriend is now crawling at her feet LITERALLY like a daawg- and even comes crawling to her with $$$ and a credit cards in his teeth! He has been trained SO well! (Or maybe "mind washed" is a better term?) The ex-macho asshole obviously is trying to resist this new humiliating life- but Platinum shows Tina how to use the "trigger word" and simply clap her hands to put him deeper and deeper under her control. (She explains that a simple snap of her fingers also works!) The asshole ex is absolutely powerless to resist those sounds as his brain has been completely rewired. All it takes is a simple command and a clap of Tina's hands- and this male chauvenist piig is reduced to a whimpering, cowering canine at her feet! Tina decides to push his limits and explains right to her ex's face what his new life will be like. (Apparently he can still understand all human words- even if he cannot speak them anymore. All he can do is bark and whimper like a REAL canine- much to Tina's amusement!) Tina relishes telling the jerk that he will now be giving all his worldly possessions to her NEW boyfriend! And that he will be made to lay at the foot of their bed like a real daawg and listen to them FUCK all night from now on! The poor little puppy is CRUUUSHED! LOL Then it is on to making this new "bitch" of Tina's perform doggie tricks for our amusement! We especially love making it fetch Tina's shoes in its teeth! This bitch cannot be humiliated enough as far as we are concerned...and its humiliation is only beginning.