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‏femdomempire Sully Savage - Slave to a Couple

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Description: What exactly does it mean to be possessed by a dominant couple? This slave is learning fast that his ass might need to adapt immediately to their insatiable appetite for anal. The slave is directed from their cage and onto the fuck horse. Master Jax takes his turn fucking the slaves ass to heat it up for Mistress Scully. Sully is wearing a enormous pink cock that is know for destroying butt-holes. Scully rides his buttocks slow and sensuous while the slave sucks Masters thick cock. The servant is in for some additional stretching tonight… The Experts want to try Double Penetration… Scully mounts his ass & crops her long pink penis into his anus, then Master Jaxton inserts his cock completely filling the slaves whole cavity. The servant is stretched to capacity with each pump!
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